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Mark of Darkness

Travel around an open world, complete quests and defeat bosses in this massive Adventure RPG!

Epic Boss Fighter

Battle 10 Epic Bosses in this action packed game! Earth is under threat by 10 of the most epic bosses known to mankind. And only one can stop them….his name is Blast! Help Blast upgrades his weaponry, buy force field and upgrade his character. Be ready to

Street Race 3

Buckle on and win victory over other drivers in Street Race 3 Cruisin! The more cash you gain the more upgrades you can buy for your fancy sports car.

Hungry Baby

Hungry Baby is a free game to play online at Mother has much work to do today, so your task is to take care of the baby. You have to play with her

Toxic Town

This time you will have to play as a real Toxic Boy and take the weapon and shoot! Use all the tips and try to stay alive here. So, if you are brave enough, then control your character and just beware of any obstacles. You will love it! We wish you good l

Pet Sledding

It's a slippery slope for these cute little pets. The more they sled, the more Christmas presents they get!

Stars Soccer Lite

Stars Soccer Lite is a free game to play online at Use slide tackle to intercept passes or knock-down opponents (or even score a goal!).

Color Spin

Color Spin: Spin the circle before the ball fall on wrong color base. Make so much points and beat the highscore.

Toy Defense

Toy Defense: Epic battles are waiting for you! Recruit troops, upgrade and manage units to create your own powerful army!

Baby Hazel Fairyland

Baby Hazel Fairyland is a free game to play online at Little princess Hazel has reached the fairyland, where she has got a chance to participate

Mini Robot Wars

Kick butt at the Robot Wars World Championship 2054! Use cash from your victories to buy new skill modules at the Store. Upload these new skills to your robotic army under Upgrades. Ready your mini bots for round after round in the ring!

City Siege 4 Alien

The fourth installment of the City Siege franchise and the first to be set on another planet. Arm yourself with The fourth instalment of the City Siege franchise and the first to be set on another planet. Arm yourself with advanced units and lazer guns an


Are you a fan IO- games? Agario is an addictive massively multiplayer game created by Matheus Valadares and published by Miniclip.


Save is a free game to play online at Your mission in the game is to collect all 20 coins as quick as you can. 25 levels in total, featuring enemies

Wake the Royalty

Work your way through the royal castle in an attempt to wake up all the royal family members in the kingdom.

Reach the core

Reach The Core is an addictive mining game. Two robots travel through the space. Suddenly they run out of energy. There is a planet with required plasma nearby. But to get it they need to reach the core!


Beat up highway wanders in this idle clicker. Gain money & progress.

Buzz Lightyear Of Star

Help Buzz Lightyear complete the missions

Legendary Ninja

Legendary Ninja is a free game to play online at Your mission is to through a series of epic boss battles to find out who will claim the title of Greatest Spinjitzu Warrior!

Shape Formers

Combine 2, 3 or 4 different free mahjong tiles and create a shape.

Natural Selection 2

Quickly ensnare the green bugs in your webs before the bees get to you.

The Beauty Shoot Apples

The Beauty Shoot Apples is a exciting game to play online at Today an exciting game especially designed for the beauty. Watch out your arrow! or you will shot the person dead

Spank Dora Butt

Dora is naughty at school recently,she doesn't even prepare for final exam with dedication ,her mother is very angry and decides to give her a lesson,she will spank Dora butt!

Pamela Hot Kissing

Pamela wants to kiss her new boyfriend without being noticed by her ex-boyfriends. Help her to do so to fill the kissometer and earn score.

Sports Bike Challenge

Take the Sportsbike challenge, race your sports bike through the city, desert, outback, mountains and salt lake. Control: Use AWSD or cursor keys to steer and accelerate/brake. Fill your turbo

Jerry Car Stunt

Perform car stunts with Jerry to score points.

Pirates Of The Undead Sea

Help a pirate zombie engage in his biggest adventure yet

Vulpin Adventures

Choose your Vulpin, then battle other animals and level up its skills!

Titanic Couple

With the 'Titanic Couple' dress up game, each of those couples willing to recreate the atmosphere from the Titanic can actually do that...and you are the one who's making sure the scene, their clothes and every little detail are back to


A storybook adventure staring a tiny seed pod. Journey from your tiny island home to the lush forests of your dreams, explore the hand-drawn landscape and meet some interesting friends along the way.

Sofia The First Zoo Adventure

Today Sofia will visit to the zoo, she like animal, she want to see monkeys,the elephant, giraffe, wolf, tiger, and other animal. She will see a lot of animals and will be very happy! Let's accompany Sofia, take good

Rogue Soul 2

Bash enemies and steal their loot as you run, jump and slide through each level - completing missions along the way.

Red Riding Hood Adventures

In Red Riding Hood Adventures there are four fantastic chapters and in each one you will have to prove your skills. In the first level you will have to go shopping and find the secret ingredient for grandma's cake.

Spongebob Saving Patrick

Help spongebob to save patrick in this great new adventure game.

Avalanche A Penguin Adventure

Help the cute penguin to get rescued in this funny action adventure game. A huge snow avalanche is comming down and will burried everything on the path. Control its sled down the mountain to

Adventures Of Veronica Wright

21st Nov 2034 ... What are these things attacking the world? Veronica has been warned! She must escape! Guided by her great great grandfather she may succeed. But... is that all? Does Fate

Sonya The Spy Cern Episode

This point and click adventure is taking you to the Geneva, Swizerland. Find your way into the CERN Institute, steal the antimatter and escape before the sunraise.

Mimi's Adventures

You don't just get the right to join Mimi on her fun-filled daily adventures, such as fun, fun picnics and super fun trips at the amusement park, you know, you earn your right to be her new buddy by... proving your difference spotting

Dino Robot Compsognathus

Compsognathus Dino Robot. You can change dinorobot to bike.

Crayon Shinchan Adventure

Nobody knows what happen.Friends of Shin-Chan have become his enemies.This time he must defeat his friends and reach home safely.Fighting,Crayon Shin-Chan!

Lilith A Friend At Hallows Eve

Join Lilith in the companion adventure to Emma's Halloween. Lilith has woken up from a LONG nap just in time for Halloween. She meets Emma and together they have quite the adventure. Make up a story with

Waitress Adventures Chasing Beauty

Earn money as a waiter or waitress by serving customers. Watch as your piggy bank grows. Then visit the salon, clinic or gym to help give these awkward teens a makeover. Use the Mouse

The Greedy Sailor

Greedy Sailor is an adventure game with exciting levels. Collect gold coins to earn points while sailing in the sea. Avoid obstacles and enemy traps on your way. Try to earn as much points as you can by shooting with your cannon.

Little Red Forest Adventures

Little Red Forest Adventures

Prince Of Persia Forgotten Sands

Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands is the next chapter in the fan-favorite Sands of Time universe. Visiting his brother's kingdom following his adventure in Azad, the Prince finds the

Evilgeddon Spooky Max

This is a cool shooting game. Your hometown was conquered by supernatural powers in the end of world. You must survive as long as possible, beacuse you are the Saviour. Beat all zombies and ghosts.

Min Hero Tower Of Sages

Do you ever dreamed become a hero and save the world? Now your dream is come true. As a min hero, your task is defeat your enemies in this rpg adventure game. This is a game like pokemon. If you like that game

The Smurfs Adventure

The Smurfs are planning to hold a big party for Papa Smurf because it's almost his birthday. Try to collect as many presents and cakes as you can.

Mario In The Jungle

Adventure with Mario, who is lost in a jungle world filled with giant Goombas and other strange enemies. Watch out traps and collect coins as many as you can until going through each level, try to be out of this jungle world alive.

Gangnam Style Adventure

PSY is not only good at dancing and singing, but also good at adventure. Let's see how smart he is!

Doctor Acorn - Birdy Levels Pack

Join Dr. Acorn in his second adventure. Hill the birds using the hidden pills which you have to collect during the game and bring the doctor back home as fast as you can.

Hawkeye Adventure Defence

Play this game and survive the enemies waves holding your position with hawkeye and his arrows.Defeat the waves and unlock new arrows with new powers.

Angry Birds Water Adventure

An original collecting game,Angrybird Water Adventure is coming, Use mouse to help angry birds and his lover collect all stars and pass all levels.

Cakes Tough Break 2

Cake's tough break 2 use cake's magic bod to solve bizarro puzzles in cake's tough break 2. sweet babies! magic woman's curse has cake falling to pieces. pull off cake's arms, legs, and body to figure out all 25 twisted levels.

Creetor Animation Fighting  Luffy Vs Naruto

Best animation fighting game ever! You can choose your character from One piece,naruto,bleach,dragon ball characters to fight computer or your friends.

Noidzor 2

Here comes the sequel to the 'RPG action adventure break out game' Noidzor!

Doodiemann Voodoo

Are you like action games? Name that voodoo doll after the person of your anger and start bullying it in another game by the Doodieman

Grow Valley

Do you enjoy building games? Grow Valley is another awesome puzzle game from Eyezmaze, the creator of Grow Island. Aim of this grow

Basketball Fury

Are you fan friv4school? Dribble like an NBA pro with Basket Fury by! Select your team and a game mode and start winning ...

Adventure City

Are you fan of GTA San Andreas? Lover of cop killing, hardcore gangster wars with lots of violence? Then you should try this fun multiplayer ... online game Adventure City!

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